Home made Sushi (طرز تهیه سوشی در خانه)

Home made Sushi

For Sushi Rice see the following link please!

California roll sushi


I. 2 cups sushi rice.

II. 2-3 nori sheets

III. 100gr Imitation crab stiks (Surimi)

IV. Avocado

V. Cucumber
California roll sushi with sesame seeds

The following recipe is suitable for both classic type rolls and Inside Out rolls.

California roll sushi is basiclly, a "softer" version of the spider roll. It is made with Imitation crab sticks instead of real crab which makes it easier to make, cheaper to buy, and some would say tastier.

1.Take half a nori sheet, and cover with rice - 1cm high.

2.Flip the nori so that the rice is facing down and start placing the filling for the california roll.

3.Line up the crab sticks: in pairs or singles - depends how thik you want the roll to be.

4.Next to it, line up a 2-3cucumber stiks.

5.On top of both crab and cucumber stiks, put a large slice of avocado.

Make sure all ingridients are equal in size and position, and roll. Afterwards, you might want to sprinkle some sesame seeds on top for decoration, either dark or light sesame goes well.

Served with soy sauce.

Spicy Tuna


I.2 cups sushi rice.

II.2-3 nori sheets

III.150Gr of Tuna filet (sushi grade).


V.spicy mayo sauce

Making the roll

The reason I mentioned Chili mayonnaise in the ingredients section, although I usually mention the sauces that go along with the dish at the end of the recipe, is because this sauce is an integral part of the dish - and it is very recommanded to also serve it next to the dish to make it even extra hot - if one is up to it!

Let's begin by cutting the tuna to 3cm thick, and 15cm long strips. Roll it with the avocado in the method you have chosen- classic or I/O, and cut.

After cutting, put a tiny drop of Chili mayonnaise ontop of each piece, and it's ready to go.

source: http://makemysushi.com/

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